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Valenti FUnk


For Valenti Funk, music bears more than just a passive interest. Innately for the talented artist -- every chord, every rhythm, every keystroke, is an intimate revelation into his soul. The self-taught musician turned funk aficionado passionately wore and still dons many hats -- arranging, producing, writing, and accompanying alongside many of the best in music that Dallas has to offer.

Whether a wunderkind to some or an anomaly to others, the musical giftings of the Irving, Texas native are unquestioned. Exhibiting the ability to play the keyboard, bass guitar, and his true love, the drums – the multi-faceted musician cloaks his artistry amongst his many talents. Crediting a wealth of influences by musical trailblazers Prince, James Brown, George Clinton and others, Valenti’s passion for “delivering the funk” is deeply embedded within his DNA.

In moments of transparency, Valenti has often admitted that “the grooves [of funk]” would talk to him. From the feel good vibes of Prince to the head-bobbing tunes of George Clinton, the freedom in “real music” is where Valenti’s creativity heightens. These same grooves were ones that led him from earlier stints with Scott McCurry and Melody Memory, to his now current involvement with the award-winning Dallas-based Effinays – a funk reggae band largely popular in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

Within recent months of 2015, the artist put in double time, as he shifted his sole focus from traveling heavily with The Effinays to working on his self-titled debut album “Valenti.” Linking up with the likes of current Effinays bandmate Joe “Big Spook” Martinez and popular area songstress LaLa Johnson, the charismatic artist began fashioning the way for his own unique input into musical sound. Valenti’s solo album is already the recipient of rave reviews. While this merely marks the beginning chapter of his solo career, Valenti continues to forge forward confidently -- focused and driven to restore the natural order of funk, one down beat at a time.