"Stylistically, Valenti can’t be pigeonholed. The influences on the album span the spectrum: blues, reggae, soul, disco, hip hop, rock, go-go music and chillwave; and of course, funk. Chillwave, also known by some as “glo-fi,” is electronic retro-pop reminiscent of the 1980s. And go-go music combines R&B, elements from hip hop and funk into a unique blend of what, for lack of a better term, is simply dance hall music. What’s special about Valenti Funk is that he takes all these diverse elements and produces not only a unique sound that is all his own, but makes for good listening." - Huffington Post



"Listened to the whole album, which is rare for me. I dig the diversity of styles, and yet the sound has some unity. You know what you are doing and I'm impressed." - Rickey Vincent

"I was already a Valenti fan from his charismatic work with the Effinays. This album cements his place among my favorite DFW musicians." - Eric Nadel

"Dirty from the downbeat of its opening track, Irving/Bear Creek, the self-titled solo debut of Valenti Funk promises to live up to its creator’s middle name."  - Ft. Worth Star Telegram


“Overall, with superb musicianship and songwriting craft, plus a stellar vocal

performance from LaLa Johnson, it all adds up a blistering piece of funk that Stevie

Wonder would approve of. Like Stevie, Valenti is a versatile musician/songwriter

and I’m looking forward to hearing his debut album, which should help to establish

him as a major talent.” – The Faulkner Review


“Listening to this, you get the feeling that the musicians could jam forever if they

wanted to…and you could groove to this for even much longer!”- Independent Music



“The album “Valenti”, sounds like one of those essential recordings from the late

70’s, filled with funk, soul, reggae and just downright good music.” – Independent

Music News


Valenti Funk’s self-produced debut album Valenti is an exploration of jazz, funk, 

gospel, reggae and hip-hop that sits right on the cutting edge.” – GoodBAMMSho


Valenti is a fantastic expression of a great artist and innovative producer.” – GoodBAMMSho


Valenti Funk is able to combine old with new, digital with analog, acoustic with

electric, all while drawing from an extremely wide range of musical genres.” –  GoodBAMMSho